Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Build Begins.

It doesn't really have a name yet.  I've got a lot of great ideas for what this bike will be and luckily they can all come true pretty easily. 

I've been trying to replace my Van Dessel WTF for 7 months now.  I was heart broken when that frame just didn't work out for me.   I think the Surly Troll might just do that. 

The last line of Surly's description of the Troll states this: "Build it up, ride it for a while, then reinvent it."  I'm gonna do that from day one.  It will start life as a drop-bar, full fendered fixie with disc brakes.  Racks will come soon after.  Then things will likely get fatter... likely much, much, fatter.  My goal is to see exactly how fat they can get.  :D 

I'll get a trailer to pull behind it at some point.  For now I'm gonna ride it and enjoy it. 

Frame arrives early next week, I am guessing.  Jan at Bikenetic has been AWESOME helping me with this build. 

I'll post photos as the bike starts to take form.

Hugs and kisses,


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

15th Street Parking-way

Sorry I've been away a bit.  I was sick and hammered by work and blogging didn't make it up high enough on my ToDo list.

The 15th Street Cycleway in northwest DC is a pretty cool thing.  It is on the street, but separated from automotive traffic by a series of fiberglass poles.  Unfortunately some contractors waiting for access to the White House grounds think it is their own personal parking place. 

So today I send out a hearty UP YOURS to the wonderful people at Welch and Rushe Inc. Mechanical Contractors and Boland Heating and Air Conditioning. 

Actually that's a bit harsh.... I don't really mean to say "UP YOURS" to them.   Next time please park somewhere other than the middle of the cycleway.

Hugs and kisses,