Tuesday, December 6, 2011

15th Street Parking-way

Sorry I've been away a bit.  I was sick and hammered by work and blogging didn't make it up high enough on my ToDo list.

The 15th Street Cycleway in northwest DC is a pretty cool thing.  It is on the street, but separated from automotive traffic by a series of fiberglass poles.  Unfortunately some contractors waiting for access to the White House grounds think it is their own personal parking place. 

So today I send out a hearty UP YOURS to the wonderful people at Welch and Rushe Inc. Mechanical Contractors and Boland Heating and Air Conditioning. 

Actually that's a bit harsh.... I don't really mean to say "UP YOURS" to them.   Next time please park somewhere other than the middle of the cycleway.

Hugs and kisses,



  1. *cough*

  2. *Burp*


    Thanks. I hadn't gotten around to sending e-mails yet. It has been done.

  3. Boland/Trane people sent a nice apology reply to my e-mail. Sounds like a class act.

  4. I've now had 3 apologies from Boland and a commitment from their operations manager to make sure their trucks don't park in cycleways in the future. Super nice people.

    Crickets from Welch and Rushe, Inc.

    Boland rocks!