Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy and Sad Conundrum

The cargo I'm hauling today is both happy and sad.  I had an injury a few years back that made it impossible for me to ride any of my unicycles.  I held onto them to see if things would get better, but unfortunately that has not happened.  A unicycle saddle hits me JUST in the wrong place. 

Today is the day that my favorite unicycle goes to a new home.  It is a Surly Conundrum... made for a 26" wheel and a very fat, 4"-wide tire.  It was a fun ride for everything from late-night liquor store runs, to mellow singletrack rides and snow rides around the neighborhood.

The fun thing about the transfer of this cargo is that the recipient doesn't know it is coming.  I don't even know him.  He's a co-worker of someone I met a few months ago.  The mutual friend was telling me that he'd been looking for a Conundrum for a long time, since they're no longer available.  Hopefully this will be a nice surprise.  

I'll let y'all know later tonight how this went.  

Have a great day.  



  1. You're a good man Pete. If the unsuspecting recipient doesn't accept your generous gift, let me know. I'll give it a good home.

  2. I'll say he is. Loaned me his Voodoo (in a previous incarnation - SS MTB) sight unseen, for a friend of a friend who was in town for the weekend. "Just pick it up and leave it off on my cellar stairs." he says. Pretty decent thing to do for a person hitherto unknown but for periodic digital exchanges over the interwebs.

    Add to that all the kitties he's rescued and you've got a dude bucking for sainthood....

  3. What an amazing night! First, I can't believe that I rode all afternoon, evening and night in long sleves and knickers with no jacket in the middle of January. Even when I got home last night at 11pm it was still 47 degrees out.

    Much more importantly, the evening went really well. I couldn't have picked a better person to gift my unicycle to. Ben is an extremely nice guy that gives so much of himself. He's probably more of a unicycle enthusiast than I've ever seen... and he was THRILLED to add the Conundrum to his collection. Seeing the huge grin on his face ALL EVENING made me very, very happy.

    Now I know how my friend Santa feels.

    Rock on, folks. Make someone happy today. That's my goal.


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  5. It ended up being a pretty long day on the bike. 54 miles is quite a long way on a cargo bike with a pretty heavy load of stuff. Christa really made me work on the ride home. I had to chase her up the hills bigtime.

    Here are photos from the ride: