Friday, November 4, 2011

Cargo Bike Intervals @ Haynes Point -- 1530 Hours Monday 11/7

I have a 1400 call and a 1700 meeting.  Between the two I'd like to turn some intervals on the Large Bike with low SAT scores (aka The Big Dummy).  I should be there around 1530 and will roll for about an hour. 

Cargo is optional, but encouraged. 

Rock on.



  1. Let me know if you're stopping by... I'll spin on the trainer for a while to make it easier to meet up.

  2. Pete - do you still have this Van Dessel in your fleet? This is the first time I have seen this picture. Nice.

  3. I do not. I broke 2 of those frames in a year... It was a great design, but the frame welders didn't do the seat stays correctly. It was the demise of the second one that prompted them to send me the Gin and Trombones that I ride now. Very different bicycles indeed. I really miss that green bike. It was definitely a dream bike for me. The Tweed is great, but not quite what the WTF was.