Friday, November 4, 2011

Cargo Builds Character... Post 1.

I love cars.... always have.. always will.  I've enjoyed wrenching, building and customizing cars for decades.  In Jr. High school I subscribed to Hot Rod magazine and read it cover to cover every month.  When I grew up I was rarely happier than when I was underneath a car, up to my elbows in its guts.  

That's why it is kind-of significant that I gave up driving many years ago.  As much as I love all things automotive, it became really obvious that I love bikes even more.  I can't explain why, but getting from point A to point B under my own power has been super easy for me to incorporate into my life. It helps that my love of bicycles and the freedom they bring predates my love of cars by a few years.  Also helps that I was able to do a lot more than read about bikes from age 6 on.  

4 decades later and bicycles are still my sense of freedom.  That's why a cargo bike fits pretty well with me.  It makes it easier for me to do things that I want to under my own power.  It has been nice to see many more popping up in the Washington, DC area over the last year or two.  I'll document them as I see them.   

Thanks for reading.  I'm happy to have some new inspiration to blog.  

See you on the road!


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